Our Manufacturing Process

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Beret Knitting Machine, Model HT-8
  • This is a programmable mechanical knitting machine designed to produce beret hoods. The construction of the machine includes an original mechanism of small diameter needle cylinder, capable of spinning high-grade beret.

  • The Turn Needle System: A compounded design that can turn around knitting backwards and forwards in bi-direction in the same time. It serves to improve the labor efficiency and neduce the production time and cost.

  • The machine is equipped with the state of art pattern programming system, that run with new design earns and fine materials (yarn). It can complete the transformation of the pattem within a few minutes, with simple mechanical controls
Automatic Electric Steam Boiler and Dyeing Cylinder
  • This is an electric steam boiler use in the dying process. It is designed and built to fully utilize the advantage of generating steam and the inner compartment consists of an incoloy sheathed immersion resistance type heat elements, of low wall densities, an electrical feed water pump, and low water cut off. A safety value. Pressure gauge and pressure controller
  • The hot water is pumped from the system boiler through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder* resulting in a response in performing the dying process.



Automatic Industrial Top Loading Washer
  • This machine is use lo clean up the deposit and waste after the dyeing process

  • Berets are loaded through me lop of the machine, which is covered by a hinged door.

  • During the wash cycle, the outer tub is filled with water sufficient to suspend the beret freely in the basket, and the movement of the agitator pulls the beret downward in the center towards the agitator paddles. The beret then moves outward and up the sides of the basket lo repeal me process.

  • The drive system Is selectively operable in predefined speed for agitation process of the load and helps to spin the beret to extract liquid from [he load in bi-direction.

Automatic Industrial Shearing Machine

  • The Shearing Machine is used for cutting or scraping the surface of the beret after dyeing under intense heat and pressure.
Heat Setting Machine
  • Heat Setting Machine is used for the pre-setting of woolen beret before the wet processing phase.

  • The Machine is equipped with specially designed adjustable stainless steel frames, radial blowers of the re-circulating hot air and a suitable duct. The maximum temperature can be achieved up to 220 degree celsius.

  • The Cooling Zone t exit is provided to bring beret temperature close to ambient.

Automatic Industrial  Top Loading Washer and Tumble Dryer

  • This is a heavy duly spin-washing machine, which combines the use of mechanical, thermal energy and some chemical reactions. Mechanical energy is imparted lo the beret's load by the rotation of the agitator, from the top compartment. Next, the steam or Thermal energy is controlled by the temperature of the wash bath, which is important for even-dyed distribution. The spinning speed of this machine can vary from 500 to 1600 rpm (or higher).

  • This machine is use to remove moisture from the load of berets, shortly after they are cleaned. It consists of a rotating drum called a tumbler through which the heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture from the load. The tumbler is rotated relatively slowly in order to maintain space of equal distance between the articles in the load.